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Second Union Baptist Church

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The pioneers of the church had a dream, so with their generous gift of land, hard labor, strong determination, and trust in God, they were soon to see their dreams become a reality.  A board structure was finally erected and dedicated to the Honor and Glory of God.  The Reverend I.P. Greene was elected the first pastor of the infant church.At the turn of the century, very few black churches kept adequate records of events as they actually happened; but in spite of this, we will endeavor to put together a history as accurate as we can possibly make it, with the bits and pieces of information available to us.The original Deacon Board of the new church was made up of five men:
  • Deacons: Joseph Greene, R.L. Rogers, G.A. Moye, R.D. Thomas, and I. Simpson. 
  • Trustees: Ben Green, H.D. Smith, J. Horace, H. Cantey, and R.Thomas. 
  • Charter Members:Hampton Cantey, Hattie Cantey, Isaac Greene, Sr., Joseph Greene, Rosa Greene, Letty Harris, Gallie Napier, Katie Taylor, John Robinson, Mary Woodard, and Richard Thomas. 

Service Times & Directions

Sunday Services

Sunday Morning Devotion: 9:30 am

Sunday School: 9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am

Hand of God Breakfast

Monday Morning: 9:00am

Mid-Week Spiritual Enrichment Classes

Wednesday Evening: 6:30 pm

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1168 Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29223
(803) 254-9982