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Second Union Baptist Church

Those dedicated pioneers,

Those dedicated pioneers, who have passed on, left a legacy to their descendants, who came after them and those of you who still are anchored here through the third and fourth generations.
In spite of its humble beginning, the church progressed immensely.  The members possessed a strong sense of purpose.  In 1930, the present brick structure was erected under the leadership of four deacons, H.D. Smith (Treasurer), J.W. Greene, David Johnson, and H.L. Rogers (Chairman).  There were two trustees at this time: Ben Greene and Hampton Cantey.
Prior to and after 1932, the membership was confronted with countless obstacles; but their never-ceasing faith in Christ held them during those stressful times.  Once again, they banded together in Christian love and proved that there is great strength in Unity and Love.
In ascending order the pastors were namely: Reverend I.P. Greene, Reverend R.W. Bailey, Reverend Hill Norris, Sr., Reverend William Downs, Reverend L.B. Holloway, Reverend Dr. W.M. Bowman, Reverend John R. Wilson, and Reverend John E. Preacher.  Our present pastor is Reverend Andrew B. Scott. 
In 1964, under the leadership of the Reverend John Wilson, ground was broken for the addition of an Educational Building and Kitchen Area.  About this time Union Baptist #2 underwent a name change and became known as, “Second Union Baptist Church.”  After completion of the renovation in 1965, we proudly carved the names of the ten deacons and ten trustees on the cornerstone of the church.  In 1976, we made vast interior and exterior improvements.  The sanctuary was air-conditioned and carpeted, and beautiful windows were installed.
The Fellowship Sunrise Services was a dream of Reverend John. R. Wilson.  This dream became a reality, and the first Annual Sunrise Service was held at Second Union Baptist Church in 1970.  Services have been, and continue to be held every Easter Sunday morning on a rotational basis among the area churches.
In February of 1975, Samuel K. Lewis, a Son of the Church, preached his trial sermon at Second Union Baptist Church.  Following that, he received his license from the Gethsemane Association.

Service Times & Directions

Sunday Services

Sunday Morning Devotion: 9:30 am

Sunday School: 9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am

Hand of God Breakfast

Monday Morning: 9:00am

Mid-Week Spiritual Enrichment Classes

Wednesday Evening: 6:30 pm

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1168 Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29223
(803) 254-9982